ARACANO: Jewelry for Warriors

I am not a “bling” jewelry type of girl. Since I had my two boys, I became a simple, less is more, outdoorsy mom type. But there is one line that is the exception to the rule: ARACANO

Aracano is a collection of jewelry inspired by the “Spirit of The Andes” Their gold, bronze and silver pieces, from the heart of the Andes, project the noble strength of ancient Mountain Gods. Andean warriors, or natives called “Mapuches” used these silver charms for protection during their battles and their hunting expeditions. Women would carry them for their magical powers and for their energy, and wore them during their fertility rituals. Aracano revives, using the same pure materials, the magic and strength of the Andes woman and its people.

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When I wear an Aracano piece, I feel inspired. I know I am making a statement. I become a Patagonian Queen, or a Mapuche warrior. I love their simple but specific designs, their noble materials and their “lucky charm” power. I could wear a different piece every day, depending on my mood. The pieces are simple but strong and elegant, perfect for any outfit. One can choose from an array of designs, ranging from home décor, women’s and men’s collections.


I met Federico “Mono” Alzaga back in Argentina, when he was beginning his line, and selling only to friends “by word of mouth”. He is now featured in many US and European Fashion Magazines – a true success story for a humble beginning!

Federico grew up in his family´s ranch in Argentina. By being in contact with the land, and learning about horses and surrounded by many traditional customs from the Argentine Cowboys or “Gauchos” and native people, he grew very interested about his heritage. While growing up out in the land, he developed a galloping creativity that came almost naturally, and he learned at an early age how to make “play” objects and tools with metals. He was always attracted to the silver adornments that native women and warriors in Argentina wore. How they looked so primitive and striking at the same time. “Aracano” was then born ten years ago.

image006Federico started his business in the US by selling bespoke pieces to private clients in NY, SFO and LA shortly after he launched a small line, about ten years ago. He has now grown to finally offering an online sales outlet in the US about three years ago, on I asked Federico if “Aracano” had a typical client, since his pieces are so unique. He replied that There isn´t an obvious description or pattern connecting his customers, although the common denominator would be elegant and bold.
Surprisingly enough, the attributes ´elegant and bold´ can come in a wide array of looks and ways of life. People who prefer his collection are women and men who are very well traveled, who have a singular style, different age groups, and who like to set the rules, not to follow.

Federico is an admirer of ancient Andean designs. It probably has to do with his upbringing in Argentina. He has always admired Andean, and more specifically, native Argentine designs. He enjoys the simplicity of large, glowing, metallic surfaces, as opposed to tiny, intricate, almost bothersome little things. And that is his trademark: striking silver necklaces and breastplates, long shiny cuffs, substantial rings, and even horseman´s knives.
Federico’s goal is to consolidate Aracano as the premiere brand of jewelery and special objects inspired by designs from the Andes, and I am sure he is on the right path. There aren´t any considerable collections or brands that focus on this niche. He also wants to keep his line as a secluded, almost secret thing, for a few discerning lovers of unusual, exotic and elegant latin influenced pieces. To put in his own words: “I would always want the demand to exceed the supply. That´s how I want it to be.”

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