My Top 10 Hair Products

If you are of Latin or Hispanic ethnic heritage like me, your hair is probably long, wavy or curly, thick and you have A LOT of it. Latina hair requires special care since it gets frizzy when the weather is humid and it tends to feel weighed down if you use the wrong product. Latina hair has a lot of texture, which means it is naturally curly or wavy. Caring for textured hair requires more conditioning and moisturizing since it is usually thicker, drier and tends to tangle more easily than straighter hair types.

Here are my favorite hair products for Latinas:


Fekkai Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo
This is my favorite in the summer. This yummy smelling shampoo removes product buildup, oil, chlorine and it restores shine. If you like swimming in the pool or the ocean this is what you need. It’s gentle enough to be used everyday even on color treated hair, and leaves hair soft and light. It contains apple cider vinegar (clarifies); apple extract, sage extract, rosemary extract, verbena extract, kukui extract, silk protein, wheat protein, and oat protein (moisturize) and vitamins A & E (antioxidants)

Klorane Mango Butter Nourishing Treatment Shampoo
I love this for the winter. Formulated with fatty acid-rich mango butter, Klorane replenishes moisture and prevents further moisture loss, restoring strength, shine and vitality. It leaves hair easier to manage and it smells so delicious throughout the day! It contains mango butter which is traditionally used for its nourishing properties because it is very rich in essential fatty acids with scientifically proven nourishing and restorative properties. From the kernel of the mango, the butter that restructures and repairs dry hair is extracted– protecting it from dehydration.

Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Conditioner
This was one of the amenities offered at a hotel in Palm Beach, FL and absolutely love it. It automatically brought shine and manageability to my frizzy & dry hair — all thanks to the unforgiving sun, pool & ocean exposure. This vitamin-infused conditioner nourishes with a mega-luxe Biotin B-7 Complex™ while Vitamins C, E & Pro Vitamin B5 leave hair soft, smooth, stylish and touchable.

Pantene ProV Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality Conditioner
A smoothing conditioner that moisturizes the hair and reduces frizz and flyaways. The formula is white, thick, and creamy, and has a strong citrus scent, but it won’t weigh down your hair. Contains avocado, bamboo and grape seed which helps protect your hair against damage and reveal your natural radiance, and Cassia, which helps lock out humidity and prevent frizz. I also love that their new bottles are made with up to 59% plant materials, excluding the cap.

The use of a serum on latin hair is key to tame frizz, smooth hair and enhance color. This will reduce split, dry and damaged ends due to blow-drying, and give a bright sheen to hair. When applied to wet hair it will make hair straighter quicker when blow-drying, which is key when blowdrying your big latin mane!


Semi Di Lino Diamante Cristalli Liquidi 1.69 oz
This product was such a great find. Serums I’ve tried before would make my hair sticky and oily (making my hair look like it hadn’t been washed in days. Yuck!) I tried this at a Miami salon and the result was miraculous. This serum adds shine instantly. Linseed Extract, rich with anti-oxidizing Vitamin E, infuses hair with strength and brightness. As a result hair appears soft, easy to comb and pleasing to the touch. This ultra-luxurious beauty fluid instantly adds more light, shine and softness to every hair type.


Monoi Tiki Tahiti Tiare Huile Perfumée
I brought this one back from a French Polynesian trip back in the 90s, which I’ve become addicted to. I learned that Maori women would use this oil on their hair and skin as a regular beauty treatment. The result was dewy, soft, wrinkle-free skin and shiny hair. I realized Latinas & Maori women have a very similar hair type, so I tried it.

It comes in different scents such as gardenia, sandalwood, vanilla and jasmine. Monoi Taire Tahiti coconut oils have been made in Tahiti since 1942 and continue to be offered in their original packaging. Monoi oil is simply coconut oil refined to a cosmetic grade with a fragrance extracted from tropical flowers. This oil is the closest oil in nature to the oils found in your scalp and skin.

Contrary to America’s popular belief that all Latinas are dark skinned, we come in different shades & sizes. For lighter-skinned ladies, I like a coppery or gingery tone hair color. For everyone else that falls in the medium to dark tones, warmer tones should play up medium to dark auburn shades.

Blonde tones also look great in Latinas, but make sure it’s not over the top. Think delicate highlights a la Jennifer Aniston, or warm darker tones a la Beyonce. Here are my four favorite hair colors:

  • Superior Preference by L’Oreal – Medium Chestnut Brown 5CB: This color looks incredible on tan skin.
  • Superior Preference by L’OrealMedium Ash Blonde 7 1/2A: Works great as a base for highlights. Get the base at home and the highlights at the salon. Save time and money.
  • Nutrisse – Nourishing Color Foam 9 Light Blonde: If you wanna go Latina blondie, this one is gentle enough since it nourishes and colors at the same time.
  • ClairolNatural Instincts 9N Coastal Dune: A much darker shade of blonde in a non permanent formula, use this if you want to enhance your natural hair color.
Consuelo Lyonnet

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